Information for the organizers of the Lace Week’s exhibitions and program

Rauma Lace Week is not being arranged as a big public event this year. The aim is that as much as possible of the program announced and prepared for the Lace Week 2020 can be transferred to next year’s Lace Week, which will be held on from 17th to 25th July 2021. We thank all of those who participated in the preparation of the Lace Week, as well as the organizers of the exhibitions and the program.

The printed program for the Lace Week will not be published this year.

Restrictions and recommendations regarding the organization of public events must be taken into account

The organizer of an exhibition or an event in the summer of 2020 must follow the guidelines for public events. The Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare have compiled guidelines on the prevention of coronavirus infections in connection with public events and general gatherings, as well as on the use of public spaces.
Regulations of the Regional State Administrative Agency on assembly restrictions.

How to market your event in the summer of 2020

Events held in Rauma should be added to the event calendar maintained by the city. Adding an event to the calendar is free and easy. The Pyyrman service point checks event notifications before publication.

Doerz online shop of the City of Rauma is an online shop for tourism products and services, where organizers can add their own tourism product or service to the sale. The City of Rauma’s tourism services will give more information on the operation of the online shop.

The City of Rauma Tourist Information provides tourists with information about the city, its services and events. The tourist information office should be kept up to date with current events.