Access to the area

Find out more about Rauma from Visit Rauma.

Rauma Lace week takes place in the city center of Rauma, more specifically in Old Rauma and the waterfront of the canal. The festival area is closed from the traffic during the week. The easiest way to move around at the festival area is by walking or by bike.

You can check the public transportation to Rauma from and


Please check traffic bans during the festival from the map attached (to be released before the event). Traffic bans concern all festival guests. If you use a wheel chair please carefully plan in advance your program for easier travel at the festival area. Old Rauma is filled with rough roads and might be uncomfortable for wheel chairs. International market however is placed on stable roads and enables easier travel.


Rauma Lace Week is a green event. We started to use Bio Energy in 2016 and the program sheet is printed in recycled paper.

We have put a lot of effort to recycling containers. There are containers for every litter; energy-, bio-, metal-, glass-, and cardboard wastes. These containers are in the festival area from Wednesday 26th to Saturday 29th of July. Please find the location of recycling spots from the map attached (to be released before the event).