The Lace Week Live in a nutshell

What is the Lace Week Live?

The Lace Week Live is a versatile broadcast with pre-shot program sections and the live broadcast shot in the courtyard of the Rauma Art Museum on 24th July. The recording of the broadcast can be watched with a mobile device or a computer.

What happens in the Lace Week Live?

The Lace Week Live summarizes the Lace Week program for a nine-hour broadcast. The program is mainly in Finnish but there will also be a lot of program for those who don’t understand either Finnish or Rauma dialect, which is often jokingly considered its own language. There are interesting interviews and children’s program, artists and performers meetings, and of course a variety of music and a program spoken in with Rauma dialect in the broadcast.

How can I watch the Lace Week Live?

The recording of the Lace Week Live can be watched on the City of Rauma YouTube channel. Detailed instructions for following the live broadcast can be found in the How to watch the broadcast? section.

How can I follow the Lace Week’s social media?

The Lace Week Live is visible throughout the summer on The Lace Week Facebook page and on the Rauma City Tourism Instagram, Visit Rauma profile. You can also share your own photos from the evening with the hashtag #thelaceweek and/or #thelaceweeklive.