Lace design competition

Hilkka Lehtinen won the lace pattern competition

A lace design competition was organised in celebration of the anniversary in the autumn 2019.

Rauma Lace week looked for a design that reflects the atmosphere of the long-established festival. The design needed also to reflect the themes of the event, such as communality, locality and tradition, in a new and interesting way. The jury chose the winning design in December 2019 and the winner is a pattern called “Me Yhdessä” (Us Together) made and designed by Hilkka Lehtinen. The design is also changed to the Lace Week’s visual appearance.

All designs submitted for the competition will be displayed during Rauma Lace Week 2020.

Hilkka Lehtinen won the lace design competition
The winning design called “Me Yhdessä” (Us together)
Rauma Lace Week’s anniversary visual appearence