We are celebrating Rauma Lace Week for the 50th time in 2020! The festival is held between Saturday 18th and Sunday 26th of July.

The city is filled with exciting events and exhibitions throughout the nine festival days. The Lace Week consists of 50 exhibition destinations, children’s programme, concerts and live music, all kinds of live performances, handicrafts and arts, traditions and history, wellness and sports events, street markets and the city carnival Night of the Black Lace. Most of the festivities take place in the heart of Old Rauma, the charming historical UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are a lot of activities that non-Finnish speakers can take part in, and many places to visit, for example exhibitions and historical sites.

Exhibitions and attractions

Rauma Lace Week offers a large variety of interesting attractions and exhibitions. Tour around Old Rauma, fall in love with and get inspired by the arts and handicrafts, visit interesting historical sites and museums.

Lace exhibitions

These Lace exhibitions are open everyday during the Lace Week:

  • The lacemaker’s association ”Nyplääjät ry” lace exhibition
  • Lace exhibition “RETRO” by Pitsikeskus Emelia
  • From Thella to the Lace Week – exhibition in Rauma museum Marela
  • Rauma Lace Week 50 years – exhibition in  Old Town Hall

Open yards in Old Rauma

Old Rauma Association organises an event of open yards during the Lace Week. Local residents open their gardens and inner courtyards to the public. Festival visitors and tourists have an opportunity to take a look at the private gardens and courtyards. The residents organise flea markets and might service some beverages. Feel free to visit a yard is the gate is open.

Traditional programme

Prännvahdik (fire guards)

Carefully watching over us and keeping the wooden city safe from the fire, the “Prännvahdik” and other traditions are recreated during the Lace Week.

Traditional food

Local Martha organisations sell homemade traditional food and bakery. You can enjoy traditional tastes from Rauma: lapskoussi, pankakko, topseilvellinki and malt bread.


International Grand Market

In the International Grand Market the central idea is to bring various products from across the globe, sold by their original manufacturers in the same marketplace. Open from Wednesday to Saturday 22nd to 25th of July.

Handicrafts market at Kalatori

Local artists and handcrafters sell their handmade products. The traditional handicrafts market will be organised Friday and Saturday 24 and 25 July.

The Night of the Black Lace

At the Night of the Black Lace on 24 July the city is filled with live music and street art. Wear your best lace decorated clothes and join us in the eventful city carnival.

Children’s Lace Week

Children can have fun and enjoy the programme during the whole festival. There are many art and craft workshops, concerts and other adventures for the youngest ones.


You can find the complete Rauma Lace Week programme on this site in June.