Sculptures, recycle art and other

Atelier Eila Minkkinen, silversmith and sculptor

Vanhankirkonkatu 20. Silver jewellery, metal sculptures and reliefs for homes and public spaces. In addition to silver, jewellery is made of exploratory materials such as wood, paper, enamel, copper, electronic waste, etc. Open daily 11:00–17:00. Enquiries and further information, EilaMinkkinen.


Eija Suneli’s atelier and exhibition space, Kuninkaankatu 6. Iron wire sculptures, paintings, porcelain and recycling. Open daily 10:00–18:00, longer on the Night of Black Lace.

Mrs. Manner

Tullivahe 2. Pop up shop of vintage clothes, shoes and accessories. Beautifuld dresses, shoes and bags from the past on display. Open Tue–Fri 10:00–18:00. See ”Rouva Manner” on Facebook.

Ylen Art House

Kodisjoentie 1535, Kodisjoki. Sculpture exhibition of artist Väinö Ylen. Over 200 concrete sculptures depicting life in the past, athletes and politicians. Päivi Mansikka-aho’s paintings and Keramos ceramic association’s exhibition. Open daily 12–16. Entrance fee (incl. a guide fee) 5 € adult/3€ child. A waffle café. Further information

Exhibition on folk musician Heikki Rantanen’s life’s work

Sepän torppa, Kodisjoentie 1499, Kodisjoki. Instruments, photographs and articles from the span of Heikki Rantanen’s career. The facility also features the patchwork rug exhibition of the Kodisjoki Martha Organisation. The facility also has a cafeteria. Open every day between 12:00–16:00.