Graphic Art

Heikklä Art Courtyard

Corner of Kuninkaankatu 44 and Itäkatu 4, inner courtyard. Studios and exhibitions of various artists.

Gallery Keinutuoli
Anu Sukanen’s art: framed graphics, prints, jewellery and cards. Open when the flag is out and the door is open, also on agreement. For more information, contact, 

Rauma Printmakers
The summer exhibition of Rauma Printmakers. Graphic art on display, and prints and cards for sale. Open daily 11:00–15:00. For more information, see

Gallery Porstua
Tommi-Wihtori Roström’s summer gallery and exhibition. The exhibition celebrates the 20th anniversary of Roström’s career as an artist. Graphic art, paintings and collages are on display. The artworks explore nature and maritime themes. The exhibition also includes garden-inspired pieces. Opening hours: Sat–Sun 11:00–15:00, Mon–Fri 11:00–17:00. For more information, please contact:

Gallery Sanna Saarinen
The gallery displays textile designs and recycled material art. All pieces are for sale. Textile craftworks, such as tablecloths, are also for sale. Opening hours: Sat–Sun 10:00–14:00, Mon–Fri 11:00–17:00. Closed on Wednesdays. For more information, please contact:

Cat life
Arts and crafts, Itäkatu 4. The small showroom displays cat-themed graphics by Anja Kärki. Pirkko Lehtinen’s woodcuts and various craftworks and postcards are also found in the same premises. Opening hours: Mon–Fri 11:00–17:00, Sat–Sun 11:00–15:00. Additional information: and Facebook Design Anja Kärki.

Kuutti Lavonen and the Auleen house

Kuninkaankatu 36. Permanent exhibition of Kuutti Lavonen’s graphics. Kuutti Lavonen is a well-known artist, who has painted for example the paintings of St. Olaf’s Church in Tyrvää. Auleen house was built in 1824, and it has been for example the home and surgery of writer and doctor Hj. Nortamo and the office of the local newspaper Länsi-Suomi. The exhibition is open in the afternoons and on agreement. Tel. +358 50342 5240.