Day-to-day programme

Every day during Lace Week

Open yards in Old Rauma 

Old Rauma Association organises an event of open yards during the Lace Week. Local residents open their gardens and inner courtyards to the public. Festival visitors and tourists have an opportunity to take a look at the private gardens and courtyards. The residents organise flea markets and might service some beverages. The yard is open for visitors when there is an Old Rauma Association sign at the gate. There might be a sign saying “Pihakirppis” or “Kirppis”. Most of the yards are open between 10:00–18:00. You can find a map of the open yards at Old Rauma shops and Service Point Pyyrman at the Old Cityhall (Valtakatu 2 A). The map is also downloadable here Vanhan Rauman Pihakirppikset 2019.

Tammela summer garden

Tammela, Eteläpitkäkatu 17, inner courtyard. Programme for both adults and children all week long. A café and a flea market open daily. Hand-made products for sale and on display. Blacksmiths forging iron and the visitors can also try forging themselves. A knife exhibition.  The yard is open to public daily 11:00–17:00, except on Friday 11–18. On Monday and Tuesday tips and counselling for dog owners by a dog trainer. On Wednesday and Thursday sled dogs from Satakunnan Noutajakoirayhdistys Association present 14:00–15:30. From Thursday to Saturday sheep from Ali-Unkin tila sheep farm come to visit, wool products for sale.

Lace window competition

The entrepreneurs of Old Rauma have for many years honoured the theme of the week on their shop windows. The visitors have a chance to vote for the best lace window of the week at any shop that is taking part in the competition.

Café of Lännen Martat

Kerttu Pruutmestarska, Kanalinranta 3, inner courtyard of the city hall. Local Martha organisation Lännen Martat hostes a café during the Lace Week. Serving coffee and freshly baked doughnuts, danishes, cakes and bread. Open Sat 10:00–15:00, Sun–Thu 10:00–15:00, Fri 10:00–20:00, Sat–Sun 10:00–15:00.

Evening greeting

The tower of the Old City Hall, Valtakatu 2. Juho Vilo plays the trumpet every evening at 20:00 from the tower.

From Saturday to Tuesday

Yard sale

Kaunisjärvenkatu 3. Used, old and new goods for sale. Clothes and shoes for men, women and children. Cash only (or mobilepay). Open Sat–Tue (20–23/07) 10:00–15:00.

From Monday to Friday

Traditional food by Rauman Martat

Yard of the parish hall, Luostarinkatu 1. Local Martha organisation Rauman Martat sell homemade traditional food from Rauma: lapskoussi, pankakko, topseilvellinki and malt bread. Open Mon–Fri 11:00–14:00 (or earlier if food is sold out before 14:00).

From Wednesday to Saturday

International Grand Market

In the International Grand Market the central idea is to bring various products from across the globe, sold by their original manufacturers in the same marketplace. Theme of the year 2019 is: Beautiful World! There will be many wondrous departments from across the globe that offer something to see and experience to all tastes. Furthermore there are Finnish specialities from different regions to be seen in their own imposing departments. The Grand Market is open from Wed–Thu 10:00–20:00, Fri 10:00–02:00, Sat 10:00–18:00.