Saturday 27/07

10:00–16:00 Handicrafts market

Kalatori square. Local artists and handcrafters sell their handmade products. The traditional handicrafts market has been held at Kalatori square for 30 years.

10:00–18:00 Night of The Black Lace market

From Old Rauma Market square to Savilankatu. The market continues.

14:15–15:00 Mindfulness session for adults: Learning the power of presence in nature

Katariinanpuisto by the ruins of the Church of the Holy Trinity, (the intersection of Itäkatu and Vanhankirkonkatu). The mindfulness session includes presence exercises, which involve focusing on the present moment and paying attention to the body, mind and surroundings. During the session, you will learn about conscious and accepting presence, and how to utilise the method in everyday life, and learn how to be more present in the moment and how to improve your concentration. The session provides tools for better wellbeing and a more peaceful life. Mindfulness exercises are exercises for the body and mind. The exercises are suitable for everyone. The session is intended for people over the age of 14. Fee 8 €. For more information and to pre-register, please contact: or call +358 50 3792 130.

16:00 Hannula’s summer concert

Hannula, Rantatie 1131, Pyhäranta. Anneli Saaristo, accompanied by Ilpo Murtojärvi, will perform at the 20th anniversary concert of the Hannula Concert and Art Association operating in Reila, Pyhäranta. Classical music will be performed by Essi Luttinen, Sami Luttinen and Laura Nykänen, accompanied by pianist Tuula Hällström. Light swing music will be performed by Sauli Luttinen, accompanied by Petri Haapasalo. Tickets 35 €, seniors 30 €. Book tickets in advance online here. Additional information: +358 46 640 6493.