Saturday 20/07

9:00 Lace agility 2019 competition

Susivuori field, Pulttivahe 2. Dog agility event, where the handlers are wearing lace. The best lace outfits are awarded. There are over a thousand agility performances and participants from all over Finland. The competition starts on Friday 19/07 at 16:00 and continues on Saturday and Sunday.

10:00 Lace Week opening ceremony

Helsingintori square. The Lace Week festivities are opened with bringing flowers to the Lacemaker statue, music and speeches.

10:00–18:00 Lace tournament in pétanque

Uotila pétanque court, Sippolankuja 1. Participants come from all over Finland. The games can be watched at the side of court. Snack bar.

11:00–13:00 Artist introduction: Katariina Mannio

Rauma Maritime Museum, Kalliokatu 34. The Rauma-based artist Katariina Mannio showcases her exhibition Black King–Piper nigrum. Mannio’s woodcuts and photographs from the Silk Road and the Indian Ocean trade routes are on display in the Rauma Maritime Museum’s tower. The tower exhibition is free of charge during artist introduction, although normal entrance fees apply to other exhibitions at the Maritime Museum. The Maritime Museum is open daily from 11:00am to 5:00pm. Tickets: adults 9 €, seniors 7 €, students 6 €, children 3 €. Free admission with the Museum Card. For more information, please visit

11:30 The opening of The 70th anniversary exhibition by Nyplääjät

Vanha kansalaisopisto, Vähäkoulukatu 8. The lacemaker’s association ”Nyplääjät ry” is celebrating their 70th anniversary this year. The exhibition consists of lace work made by the members throughout the association’s history. Lacemaker instructors present. More information in the exhibition programme.

12:30 The opening of exhibitions by Pitsikeskus Emelia

Staff cafeteria Kerttu Pruutmestarska, Kanalinranta 3 (courtyard of the city hall). Announcing the Lacemaker of the year 2019. On display: Lacemaker of the year 2018 Pirjo Vännis’s exhibition, Emelia’s honorary member Sirkka Saloma’s exhibition and lace work by Emelia’s members. Lace products and lottery tickets for sale. More information in the exhibition programme.