Wednesday 26.7.

kuva yleison selista esityksen aikana

Tlees pihal, uuvottel ymprilles – Open yards
Open yards/flee market event organized by the Old Rauma Association. Citizens and tourists have a chance to get to know some of the inner courtyards of Old Rauma. For more information see Saturday 22.7.

10–16 Weaving workshop of the Lace Week
At Taitokeskus Rauma, Lensunkatu 4. Come weave with handle frames (c. 1 hour/a piece of work) Quick and easy models to follow. You can take the finished work with you. Payment for the materials depending on how much you use. For more information contact tel. +358 044 792 8884 or Changes to the workshop are possible.

10–17 Sale of handmade home textiles
At the house of the courtyard of Art Museum, Kuninkaankatu 37. Home textiles made by Marja Arasto and Pirjo Siivonen, using only natural materials and constructing them with handloom and stitching, are sold at the courtyard of Art museum. For more information call +358 2 825 8619 or + 358 400 838 992.

10–18 Martta Cafe
At the city’s staff restaurant Kerttu Pruutmestarska, Kanalinranta 3 (the inner courtyard of the City Hall). Coffee and goodies such as doughnuts, Danish pastries, cakes, and loafs of bread are sold every day, you can also pick up some to take home. Organized by Rauman Lännen Martat ry. For more information call +358 40 574 6566.

10–20 International Grand Market
The market includes over 1000 entrepreneurs from 30 different countries. There are different countries and counties from all around Europe and the rest of the world. Food, treats, other goodies and experiences more diverse than you could ever imagine. The market closes the coasts of the canal, the street Nortamonkatu, the front of the City Hall and the street Kauppakatu all the way from Nortamonkatu to the Market place. For more information see

At 11, 12 and 13 Guided walking tours of Old Rauma
The tour starts from the Old Town Hall, Kauppakatu 13. Duration of the tour c. 50 min. Payment 5€ is payed to the guide, in cash. The tours are in Finnish.

11–14 Traditional food
The courtyard of the Art museum of Rauma, Kuninkaankatu 37. The Martta association of Rauma sells different traditional foods of Rauma. Lapskoussi, Finnish pancakes, topselvellinki and malt rolls are sold. Depending on how much food is sold – you can also take some home.

11–16 Clutch wallets made out of fabrics
At Taitokeskus Rauma, Lensunkatu 4. Lace Week’s handicraft workshop for adults. Material fees start from 7€. For pre-registration and more information contact tel. +358 44 792 8884 or

11–17 Happenings in Tammela – Old school work, play and games
Tammela, Eteläpitkäkatu 17. The youth workshop arranges programs for both adults and children. A café can be found at the scene, with many different product from the workshop sold. Guided handicraft chores for children to do, for example masks for the night of Black Lace and Pokémons. You can also get to know the media department and see a video from Sammallahdenmäki, or experience some work demonstrations and enjoy music performances.

Hobby horse day. For more information see the children’s program.

11–17 Mrs. Manner’s pop-up vintage dress shop
Tullivahe 2. Mrs. Manner opens her vintage shop again this Lace Week. For more information see or Facebook/RouvaManner

11-18 Traditional yardsale and –restaurant of Männistö
Männistönkatu 2. Come to make some good finds and taste the treats of the yard restaurant.

11–21 Sea –themed summer day at Fåfänga, around the Lookout tower
Organized by Rauman Merihistoriallinen Seura ry, Rauman merimuseo, Inspira ry, Santtioseura and Raumanmeren puuveneilijät. Lookout tower is open for the entire day.

Maritime museum will bring its own Pop-up museum to the event, to collect stories, to have good conversations and enjoy the memories related to the sea.

At 11 Sailings with the Porkarpaatti of Santtioseura Merijakamo, Suvitie 14. Starts to the sailings leave from the dock of Merijakamo from 11.00 o’clock on wards, approximately every two hours. Maximum of 10 people on board at once. Price for sailing 25€/person, coffee included.

At 11 Art exhibition by Inspira Nokan torppa, Suvitie 10. The art house will be open until 21.00.

At 19 Summer evening of Raumanmeri Surrounding areas of the Lookout tower, Fåfänga. In the traditional summer evening you can enjoy sea-themed communal singing, with the lead of Jani and Riina Järvi. Perttu Suominen will play accordion. Traditional boats will also be presented by Raumanmeren Puuveneilijät. Coffee at the art house Nokan torppa.

12–16 Man park of the Lace Week
Inner courtyard of Spärri, Kuninkaankatu 10 (courtyard of optician boutique Palmu). Häplänperän Valittajat will organize a man park during the Lace Week. Safe, guarded, stimulated and free of charge for a man, who wants to let his partner get to know the offerings of the Lace Week in peace. Coffee and cinnamon buns available, along with darts and a relaxed manly atmosphere. Lace-free zone, no maximum limit, and grilled sausages available! Hidden pathway as a special new feature.

13–15 The museums of Rauma present Puuta, rautaa, rakkautta -mobileguide
Find the presenter with a pink shirt from the streets of Old Rauma and take part in a lottery to win a museum card!

13–18 Summer Day at Kodisjoki
At Sepän torppa, Kodisjoentie 1449. A cafe and an exhibition by the Martat of Kodisjoki will be open all through the event.

13–14.00 Handicraft workshop for children For more information see the children’s program.
14.30 Riatomaanikot – a music group Traditional pelimanni -music along with original songs
15.00 Vaskiset of Rauma A seven member blast instrument music group led by Jouko Kangas.
15.30 Dance group Ikinuoret by pensioners of Rauma Traditional dance performance
16.00 Weijo Koskiranta Traditional songs performed by the host of Yläkerta Weijo Koskiranta
16.30 Värsym Baohaja Poetry reading by a performance group from Rauma
17.00 Länsirannikon Pelimannit Pelimanni –and dance music from the West Coast
17.30 Toivon Kerho A singing group performs brisk and summery songs

At 15 and 17 Linnalan korsteeni
Basement theater, Pursikatu 4. The study theater of Rauma performs a play, written by Hj. Nortamo and adapted by Antero Linnala, called Linnalan korsteeni. The play is directed by Jarmo Koski. Tickets 10€/7€. The play is in Finnish. For more information and ticket reservations call Jankke + 358 44 0400 053.

16–20 Evening Market
Market place of Rauma. Selling positions open for everyone 5€/table, an extra table 3€. For more information contact the market place supervisor tel. +358 40 824 6400. The programme includes performances:

16.00 The candidates for the Miss Lace 2017 introduce themselves to the people at the market place
17.00 Helmi and Ella
17.30 Rauman Seudun Työttömät ry (The unemployed of Rauma)
18.00 Dance group Lumina
18.20 Dance group Ikinuoret by the pensioners of Rauma
18.40 Poetry reading by a performance group Värsym Baohaja
19.00 A music group Länsirannikon Pelimannit
19.30 A music group Riatomaanikot performs traditional pelimanni -music along with original songs

At 17.30 Guided tour through Old Rauma
The tour starts from the Old Town Hall, Kauppakatu 13. Duration 1,5 hours, the fee of 6€ is payed to the guide in cash. The tour is in Finnish.

18–19 Park yoga
The park of Katariina, next to the Ruins of the Church of the Holy Trinity. Bring your own yoga mat. In case of rain the event is cancelled. Organized by the yoga association of Rauma. For more information contact

At 20 Evening Trumpet
The tower of the Old City Hall, Valtakatu 2. Taru Varjo, trumpet. A musical greeting, by the brass band association of Rauma, to every one enjoying the Lace Week.