Historic sites and handicraft exhibitions

perinnekasityopuku nayttely tammelassa

Historic sites and exhibitions

Kauppakatu 24. Marela showcases the life and home of a wealthy ship owner and his family, at the golden age of sailing ships in seafaring at Rauma, during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Exhibitions in Marela also include an exhibition from an artist Diana Ejaita, who takes part in RaumArs artist visitor program. The entrance fee includes a guided tour on Friday 28.7. Open every day 10-17. A single ticket 5€/3,5€ (pensioners, unemployed, groups) a round ticket 8 €/6€ (includes three different museums Marela, Old Town Hall, Kirsti, valid for 2 days). Students with a student card 2,5€/4€. Children under the age of eighteen free of charge.

Sailor’s home Kirsti
Pohjankatu 3. Open daily at 10–17. The entrance fee includes a guided tour on Wednesday 26.7. and on Thursday 27.7, at 13.00. For more information on tickets see Marela above.

Old Town Hall
Kauppakatu 13. A lace exhibition about two lace maker sisters Anna Palmu and Ester Aaltonen from Rauma, and an exhibition about the first few centuries of Rauma and its history. The entrance fee includes a guided tour on Saturday 22.7, at 13.00. Open daily 10–17. For more information on tickets see Marela above.

Maritime museum
Kalliokatu 34. The museum has exhibitions showcasing the ship building, seafaring education and sailors’ life in Rauma, both on land and at the sea. A temporary exhibition about the shipyards of Rauma can also be seen at the museum. At the tower there is a collection of paintings from Unto Kaski and Håkan Sjöström on the show. Some ballast finds are also showcased at the museum. An artwork from Jaakko Niemelä, called Lähtö, will be revealed on 20.7. at 18.00, with an event at the Paarlasti –park at the maritime museum. The artwork is a part of Nostalgia –project, funded by Koneen Säätiö and the foundation of Alfred Kordelin. The artwork is on show during the Lace Week. The maritime museum is open daily 11–17. The entrance fee to the museum vary 9€/7€/6€/3€. For more information see rmm.fi.

Sammallahdenmäki, an UNESCO World Heritage site, in Lappi
Sammallahdenmäki is an archaeological Unesco World Heritage site, which was chosen to be a part of the world heritage list in 1999. From the area you can see the religion and burial traditions of people from Scandinavia, who lived in the Bronze -, and early Iron Age. The area is located at Kivikylä, Lappi, and features 36 Bronze Aged burial cairns. Guide is present Monday-Friday 11–17, a fee for a guided tour is 2€ /person. Children under the age of eighteen free of charge. The non-stop guided tours leave from the Southern info-point, from Savulaaksontie 181.

During 6.7.–31.8.on Thursdays there will be arranged bus rides to Sammallahdenmäki, from the centre of Rauma. The bus leaves from Poroholma holiday centre, at the beach house at 13.00, and from there to the charter dock at the bus-station of Rauma at 13.10. Return trip to the centre of Rauma at 15.30 at the latest. The price of the trip is 10€/person (includes the guided tour and the bus rides). The fee is payed at the bus, in cash.

Eteläpitkäkatu 17. The house of Tammela showcases the world heritage of UNESCO, and the reconstruction work of Old Rauma. Events concerning the world heritage and building heritage are held at Tammela, along with different cultural events. A workshop and a bank for old building blocks can also be found at the courtyard, where red ochre paint is also made every summer. Open daily at 11–17.

The home museum of Teresia and Rafael Lönnström
Syväraumankatu 41. The home museum of a factory couple from Rauma has kept its interior with its furniture, design and art pieces. Some of their art collection is showcased at the walls of the museum, with mostly Finnish visual art. At the museum gallery you can also see the summer exhibition which showcases some of the art finds Teresia Lönnström made in 1984–86. Open from Wednesday to Sunday at 12–16. Entrance fee 5/3€, children under the age of 18 years old free of charge. For more information contact, tel. +358 45 261 0504, or info@lonnstrominmuseot.fi.

Muina Homestead museum
Muinantie 7, Vasarainen. An exhibition showcasing a century in the lives of the villages of Vasarainen and Soukainen. Open Sunday 14–16, Tuesday 12–15, Wednesday-Friday 12–14. For more information contact Sylvi Ronkainen tel. +358 400 723 514, or muina.fi.

Camera museum
Isokatu 8. The exhibition showcases cameras and film equipment from Daquero to digital technology! The museum shop sells collectable cameras, art, design glass and literature. Open daily at 12–16. For more information contact tel. +358 2 822 5638.

The phone museum of Old Rauma
Eteläpitkäkatu 22. You can get to know the development of phones and their technique at the phone museum of Rauma. Graham Bell was the one to patent the phone as an invention in 1876. The phone museum showcases phones and their techniques from 1880 to this day. Open daily 11–19. For more information check Facebook/Rauman Puhelinmuseo.



Handicraft exhibitions

575 patches
Tammela, Eteläpitkäkatu 17. Different works from patches made by Raumlaiset tilkungokkojat. Open daily at 11–17.

Grandma’s handicraft work
Kerttu Pruutmestarska, Kanalinranta 3 (the inner courtyard of the City Hall). The handicraft exhibition of Lännen Martat showcases the work made by grandmas’. Handicraft lottery. Open from Saturday-Sunday 10–15, Monday-Thursday 10–18, and on the Night of Black Lace 10–20. For more information contact tel. +358 40 574 6566.

Kumnem paat snuul o
Uskali, Saaristokatu 21. An exhibition about the miniature models of sailing ships. Open daily at 11–18.

Pitsi syntyy makrameesta
Taitokeskus Rauma, Lensunkatu 4. A lace exhibition. Open Monday-Friday 10–17.

A handicraft exhibition by Rauman Marttayhdistys
Marttapirtti, Luostarinkatu 4. A celebratory exhibition themed with sewing circle. Lottery and a puffet. Open Sunday-Thursday 10–18, on the Night of Black Lace 10–20. Closed on Saturday-Sunday 29.–30.7.

Venla Tanner: Nukkekoti room box and other art
Taitokeskus Rauma, Lensunkatu 4. Open Monday-Friday at 10–17.