Pitsiviikon pihajuhlat


Important information for people coming to a concert at Pitsiviikon pihajuhlat

  • Do not attend if you have fever or flu-like symptoms
  • If you have done your enrollment in the webshop, but haven’t received a confirmation of order to your e-mail, the enrollment is not valid. Check this before arriving to concert place.
  • You have to reclaim the ticket latest 15 min before the concert (17.45 or 19.45), otherwise you lose your reservation.
  • Arrive early enough so we can get everybody in safely. The gate opens 30 min before the concert (17.30) and 19.30).
  • Remember to keep distance to other people also when arriving, leaving and queuing.
  • The area will be emptied between the concerts.
  • If you have reserved seats to both of the concerts, mention it at the gate.

Enrollment to the concerts

  • You can enroll to the concert until 12.00 at the same day. Enroll here.
  • If the time has passed, but there are still tickets left, you can see it here.
  • If you haven’t enrolled and there are tickets left, they will be given to people who are queuing before the concert begins.

Concert area

  • There is a toilet and a possibility to wash hands in the area.
  • There is a hand disinfection point at the gate.
  • We recommend to use a face mask, if it’s not possible to stay away from other people.
  • Cough to a tissue or your sleeve.
  • The area is organized loose, try to keep distance to other people.
  • The area is not covered, so get dressed suitable for the weather. You are not allowed to use an umbrella.
  • There is a summer café in the area. You can buy snacks and beverages there.

Welcome to the concert!