Announcement 28.5.2020

Rauma Lace Week 2020 will be arranged as a nine-hour live broadcast

Rauma Lace Week will be arranged this summer for the 50th time as a nine-hour live broadcast on Friday 24th July, on the Night of Black Lace. The Lace Week Live – Nine festival days in nine hours gathers the Lace Week’s diverse program, interesting local performers, and the festival atmosphere for a nine-hour hosted broadcast.

The large public events of the Lace Week, such as free concerts in Savilanpuisto and the International Grand Market, have been canceled. The Finnish government banned large public events due to the corona epidemic until the end of July.

The Lace Week Live features pre-shot performances and program, interesting encounters and interviews, and a live broadcast from the courtyard of the Rauma Art Museum. The live broadcast can be watched on the YouTube channel of the City of Rauma at The broadcast will be saved on the same channel afterwards. People can watch the broadcast where they are due to exceptional circumstances – at home, on cottage piers or on boats.

– The whole festival production had to be transformed into a completely different form in a fairly fast time. It is based on the original event, its best aspects, a unique and distinctive program and atmosphere that only the Lace Week can do. However, instead of a festival that can be experienced hroughout the city, we focus on how the best experience of the Lace Week is transmitted to the viewers through a screen, says Executive Cultural Producer Leila Stenfors.

– When you have to deviate from the usual, you will achieve something that would have been almost impossible to do under normal circumstances. It is possible that something from the Lace Week Live will remain as a permanent way of working for years to come, Stenfors continues.

Content is produced together – the audience can participate through social media

The Lace Week Live will be executed with the limitations of the exceptional circumstances and without a live audience. Production has also been designed so that filming and the broadcast can be arranged even if restrictions related to the corona situation are tightened again during the summer.

The Lace Week Live is a multi-camera production designed for exceptional times. Nine hours can accommodate a lot of program and some of the content will be shot in advance during the summer. The broadcast will take the events of the festival to many destinations in Rauma. The contents are filmed in Old Rauma, Sammallahdenmäki and by the sea. Viewers will be able to enjoy the magnificent landscapes of Rauma and the unique environments of the World Heritage Sites.

The program of the broadcast is built around the important contents of the traditional Lace Week, the cultural factors of Rauma and the living cultural heritage. The broadcast will feature performing arts and a wide range of music and interesting interviews. There will also be completely new and exceptional content for the Lace Week.

– All the performers we have already had time to get in touch with are excited to join the broadcast and plan with us what the Lace Week program will look like this year. There are still room for content in the nine-hour broadcast, so we still want to invite people of all ages, and especially young people, to participate in planning the program. Because the production method of the event is so exceptional this year, we want to receive fun, surprising and even special program ideas. Those ideas that could not be implemented under normal event conditions, says Cultural Producer Sanni Tuuppa.

On the Lace Week website at, you can read how to suggest program ideas for the broadcast. The public audience can participate in the broadcast through social media channels both in advance and during the broadcast. During the summer, among other things, an invitation will be issued to congratulate the anniversary event and social media followers will be given the opportunity to choose the program content to be shown on the broadcast.


Announcement 23.4.2020

The public events of Rauma Lace Week 2020 have been canceled

Following the policy made by the Finnish government that all large public events are prohibited until July 31st 2020, the public events of Rauma Lace Week 2020 have been canceled. The Lace Week was scheduled to happen from 18th July to 26th July 2020.

– Many different parties have been preparing for the 50th anniversary of the Lace Week for a long time and we are sure that the festival would have been a great and memorable part of Rauma’s summer of events this year, says Leila Stenfors, the corresponding cultural producer in City of Rauma.

– The Lace Week is an important event for Rauma so this decision is disappointing, knowing that it will result in cancelling long-prepared plans and loss of income for many partners as well as program and exhibition organizers. However, the health and safety of the public, performers, organizers and employees is a priority for all of us.

The goal is to postpone as much as possible of the already announced and prepared events until next year. Next year’s Rauma Lace Week will be organized from 17th July to 25th July 2021.

In addition to preparing the Rauma Lace Week festival, the event producers have made a plan on how the implementation of the Lace Week, which has been held continuously since 1971, would be possible in these prevailing conditions this summer. More information on the exceptional program in July 2020 will be available shortly.