Children’s Lace Week


10–16 Workshop for children Mantin Maailma, Kuninkaankatu 30. Felting, textile printing, and other easy and fun crafts. No age limit, fee 5 € and up.  Instruction in Finnish.


SUNDAY 22.7.

10, 14 and 16 Everybody plays workshops Teresia and Rafael Lönnström’s Home Museum, Syväraumankatu 41. It has been 30 years since the opening of the home museum. In celebration, entrance is free and there’s special programme. In the workshop, the participants make instruments from recycled materials, produce sound and make music together. The workshops are open to all, participation of small children requires the help of an adult. Instruction in Finnish. Organised in collaboration with Rauma Festivo.



11–16 Printing a bagor a dishcloth with a stencil Taitokeskus Rauma, Lensunkatu 4. A workshop for children. Material fee: a bag 8€, a dishcloth 4€. Under 8-year-olds always with an adult. Groups should sign up in advance. Instruction in Finnish. Enquiries and sign-ups

13–16 Iirolandia Äijänsuo Indoor Arena, Teollisuuskatu 19. A fun sports event for the whole family. Intended for 1-12-year-old children and their parents. Iirolandia consists of many activity points, such as a bouncing mat, a balance course, skipping ropes, etc. A large area is reserved for ball games. Entrance fee 5 €/child. Enquiries and further information, facebook/iirolandia



10–18 Children’s day in Marttapirtti Luostarinkatu 4. Instructed crafts, such as egg shell mosaic.

12–14.20 Children’s workshop in Kodisjoki Seppä Croft, Kodisjoentie 1499 C. A crafts workshop for 7-12-year-old children, younger children with an adult. Instruction in Finnish. Sign-up by Tue 24.7. to Hanna-Leena Salminen (Rauma Museum), tel. +358 44 793 3526.

  • 14-14.20 Magician Taavi Saarva performs. The workshop ends with an exciting magic show.

13 Hobby horse cavalcade and a show jumping contest Start from Tammela courtyard, Eteläpitkäkatu 17,  towards Tekkala Park.

  • Hobby horse stable Pits de Rauma organises a hobby horse cavalcade and a hobby horse show jumping contest.
  • Gathering at 12.30 in Tammela courtyard, from where the cavalcade leaves at 13.00 towards Tekkala Park. The cavalcade welcomes friends of hobby horses of all ages, with or without a hobby horse!
  • A show jumping contest is organised in the park at 13.30. The categories are 1. category 20 cm (3-5-year-olds), 2. category 30 cm (6-8-year-olds), 3. class 50 cm (9-13-year-olds), 4. category 60 cm (open for everybody). Take your own horse with you or borrow a hobby horse at the event. Fee 2€. Welcome to the Lace Week hobby horse event! Organised if the weather permits. Enquiries tel. +358 40 501 3116.


14–15.30 The sled dogs of Satakunnan Noutajakoirayhdistys Association Tammela, Eteläpitkäkatu 17.



11–16 Cross-stitches with yarn and textile markers Taitokeskus Rauma, Lensunkatu 4. A workshop for children. Material fee 4 €/work and up. Under 8-year-olds always with an adult. Groups should sign up in advance. Instruction in Finnish. Enquiries and sign-ups



10–14 Music for children! Children’s Saturday at the market place.

  • 11 Sähköankerias Children’s music orchestra Sähköankerias turns 20 this year. Let’s go for a fun musical journey!
  • 12.30 Jauza A lesson in Finnish rock music. What did bands play before rock’n’roll? How do you get the guitar to whistle?
  • a street circus performance
  • a hippo handing out balloons

11–15 Children’s art event Nokka Art Croft, Suvitie 10. Children get to paint and draw, and try stone painting and felting. A pony visits the event. Café and art exhibition open.

14–15 Juhlakyyditys G&G’s horse transportations and pony riding in front of the Church of the Holy Cross, Luostarinkatu 1. Priced. Further information


SUNDAY 29.7.

12–14 Tractor transportation in Old Rauma. During the Sunday flea market, children can explore forestry machinery and tractors.