Lace exhibitions and lace making equipment

Nypläystyyny Kirstintalon näyttelyssä


Lace Sure Holds Its Value Culture house Poselli, Nortamonkatu 12. The exhibition opens on Saturday 21.7. at 11.30. Lace plays the leading role in the maritime-themed exhibition of Lacemakers’ Association (Nyplääjät ry) – imagination is the only limit in the use of lace. Lacemakers are present and lacemaking is instructed daily. Open on Sat 11.30–16, Sun 22.7. 10–16, Mon-Thu 10–18, Fri 10–20, Sat 28.7. 10–16, Sun 29.7. 10–14.

Exhibitions and shop of Lace Centre Emelia Association (Pitsikeskus Emelia ry) Staff cafeteria Kerttu Pruutmestarska, Kanalinranta 3, courtyard of the city hall.

  • Lacemaker of the year 2017 Pirkko Peltola’s exhibition 19 Years of Lace in a Lace Workshop and Emelia’s honorary member Hilkka Lehtinen’s exhibition Pondering – Experiments and Recycling. Additionally on display the work of the international Bridge project, The Bridge that Unites Us. Lace products and lottery tickets for sale. Lacemaker present.
  • Open Sat7. 13–15, Sun 22.7. 10–15, Mon-Thu 10–18, Fri 10-20, Sat 28.7. 10–15, Sun 29.7. 8.30–15.

Master Lacemakers – Aalto Sisters: Anna Palmu and Ester Aaltonen Old Town Hall, Kauppakatu 13. Additionally, a permanent lace exhibition is on display in the museum. Lacemaker present daily. Single ticket/tour ticket (Marela, Old Town Hall, Kirsti, valid for 2 days) 5 € / 8 € adults, 3,50 € / 6 € seniors, unemployed, groups and 2,50 € / 4 € students. Under 18-year-olds free of charge. Museum card.

Many Kinds of Lace Taitokeskus Rauma, Lensunkatu 4. Lace can be used in clothing, accessories and home decoration. The exhibition introduces the many dimensions of lace, from lace doilies to trend products. Open Mon-Fri 10-17.

  • Mon-Fri 10-16 Weaving workshops Come and weave with a loom (1 hour/work). Quick and easy models. You can take the finished work with you. Material fee. Instruction in Finnish.



AR-Puusorvaamo Staff cafeteria Kerttu Pruutmestarska, Kanalinranta 3, courtyard of the city hall.
Bobbins, pillows and other equipment. An order in advance ensures the availability of equipment. Open Sat-Sun 10–15, Mon-Thu 10–18, Fri 10–20, Sun 30.7. closed. Enquiries and further information

Jatan aitta Marela courtyard, Kauppakatu 24. Equipment, books, and models specialised in lacemaking. An order in advance (by 15.7.) ensures the availability of equipment. Open Sat–Sun 10–15, Mon–Fri 10–17, Sun 29.7. closed. Enquiries and orders,

Kajava Lahja & Käsityö Kuninkaankatu 28. Bobbin lace doilies, handkerchiefs, book marks, roses, lace candles, serviettes, etc. Lacemaking equipment and linen. Lacemaker present every day. Open Sat 9.30–15, Sun 12–15, Mon–Thu 9–18, longer on the Night of Black Lace, Sat 28.7. 9.30–14, Sun 29.7. closed.

Pits-Priia  Kauppakatu 29. A diverse selection of lace doilies, trays, models, linen, linen thread and other lacemaking equipment. Lacemaker present daily. Open Sat 11.30–16, Mon–Thu 10–18, Fri 10–20, Sat 28.7. 10–16 and Sun 29.7. 10–14.