Jewellery, textile art, photographs, sculptures

Koristerengas helmistä ja langoista

Atelier Eila Minkkinen, silversmith and sculptor Vanhankirkonkatu 20. Silver jewellery, metal sculptures and reliefs for homes and public spaces. In addition to silver, jewellery is made of exploratory materials such as wood, paper, enamel, copper, electronic waste, etc. Open daily 12-16. Enquiries and further information,

Mysteeri Eija Suneli’s atelier and exhibition space, Kuninkaankatu 6. Iron wire sculptures, paintings, porcelain and recycling. Open 10-18, longer on the Night of Black Lace.

Hundred Years of Living in Vasarainen and Soukainen Local History Museum Muina, Muinantie 7, Vasarainen. A historical farm courtyard with a collection of artifacts, and grazing sheep. Open Sun 14-16, Mon closed, Tue 12–15, Wed–Fri 12–14.

Stories Rauma Main Library, Alfredinkatu 1. Multi-method art in the vitrines of the main library. Each display is its own story with a verbal introduction. Suitable for everyone, especially children. Open Mon-Thu 9–19, Fri 9–17, Sun 12-15. The library is closed on Saturday, contrary to the information on the printed programme.

Ylen Art House Kodisjoentie 1535, Kodisjoki. Sculpture exhibition of artist Väinö Ylen. Over 200 concrete sculptures depicting life in the past, athletes and politicians. Additionally: blacksmith Leino’s works, Sisko Laito’s icon art and works of artists from Kodisjoki. Open daily 12-16. In summer also on agreement. Entrance fee with a guide 5 €/adult and 3 €/child. A waffle café. Further information

Forgotten garden Garden of the Old Town Hall, Kauppakatu 13, entrance at the gate by the market place. Textile and scrap metal artist Sanna Saarinen’s exhibition. The sculptures are large, have imaginative plant themes and are made of recycled metal. Open daily 10-17. Enquiries