Ceramics, graphics, paintings, drawings

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Atelier Kerttu Horila Länsikatu 7. Paintings and ceramic sculptures in the atelier. There are sculptures in the garden, too. Open daily 11-17, Sun 29.7. closed. Enquiries kerttu.horila@gmail.com, kerttuhorila.fi.

Ceramic Art Kirsi Backman Kuninkaankatu 21Backman’s ceramic and metal sculptures and reliefs on display. Open Mon–Thu 10–17, Sat 10–15, Sun 12–15, on the Night of Black Lace late till night. For more information, see kirsibackman.net

Summer exhibition of Keramos Isokirkkokatu 1. Ceramic art in the heart of Old Rauma. Open Mon-Thu 11–19, Sat 10–14. Night of Black Lace 11–21. Enquiries and further information keramosrauma@hotmail.com



Heikklä art courtyard Corner of Kuninkaankatu 44 and Itäkatu 4, courtyard. Studios and exhibition spaces of artists from Rauma: Art and handicraft Anne Niittumaa & Pirkko LehtinenRauma Prinmakers and Gallery Keinutuoli. For more information, see raumantaidegraafikot.blogspot.fi

Atmosphere and Natural Colours Art and handicraft Pirkko Lehtinen, Itäkatu 4. Anne Niittumaa-Tarkia’s and Pirkko Lehtinen’s art, handicrafts and cards.  Open Mon–Fri 10–17, Sat–Sun 11–15. Longer on the Night of Black Lace. For more information, see, pirkkolehtinen.blogspot.fi

Summer of a Printmaker Itäkatu 4, courtyard. The summer exhibition of Rauma Printmakers 10.7.-5.8., open Mon-Fri 10-17 and Sat-Sun 11-15. Graphic art on display, and prints and cards for sale. For more information, see raumantaidegraafikot.blogspot.fi, facebook/Rauman Taidegraafikot 

Gallery Keinutuoli Anu Sukanen’s art: framed graphics, prints, jewellery and cards. Open when the flag is out and the door is open, also on agreement. For more information, contact anu.sukanen@gmail.com, anusukanen.blogspot.fi. 

Kuutti Lavonen and Auleen house Kuninkaankatu 36. Permanent exhibition of Kuutti Lavonen’s graphics. Kuutti Lavonen is a well-known artist, who has painted for example the paintings of St. Olaf’s Church in Tyrvää. Auleen house was built in 1824, and it has been for example the home and surgery of writer and doctor Hj. Nortamo and the office of the local newspaper Länsi-Suomi. The exhibition is open in the afternoon and on agreement.

Meri Pauniaho’s graphics Saga retirement home, Aittakarinkatu 19. Summer exhibition addressing the themes of remembering and memories. Open daily 10-18.



Icon exhibition in the St. Nicholas chapel St. Nicholas chapel, garden atelier, Länsikatu 10. Guided tour to the chapel and an icon exhibition of icon painters in Rauma. Garden café and a flea market. Open Mon-Thu 10-16 and Fri 10-17.

Summer exhibition of Inspira ry Nokka art croft , Suvitie 10. The traditional summer exhibition of local artists, a café. Open daily 12-18. For more information, see inspirary.net

Celebrity Gallery Teuvo Salminen Isokirkkokatu 7. Celebrity Gallery displays caricatures around the year. This time the artist is not offended if you laugh at his works! Open daily 10-16, and when the door is open. Enquiries and more information teuvosalminen.com

Art of Juuso Joutsi and Jouni Vesanen The office of Rauma Left Alliance party, Vanhankirkonkatu 17. Art, culture and discussion in the heart of Old Rauma. Fri 17-18 music, Netscape Navigators. Open Mon-Thu 12-16, Fri 12-18. Organiser: Rauma Left Alliance.

Summer exhibition Kiikartorni lookout tower, Suvitie 10. Outi Puolanne’s experimental and exploratory art in Kiikartorni lookout tower. A snack bar. Open Sat-Sun 10–17, Mon-Thu 11–17 and Fri 10–17. Entrance fee 1€ (tower fee)

Lasse Kempas: After the Retrospective 1968-2018 Gallery KempasVilla la Mar, Ylinenkatu 6. Lasse Kempas’s paintings and graphics. Open on agreement. Enquiries and further information: Lasse Kempas, lasse@kempas.fi, kempas.fi

A Glance and Remembering Arja Nummi’s atelier, Kauppakatu 15, courtyard. Paintings, graphics, paper works, hand-made books and cards. Open Sat-Sun 11–14, Mon-Fri 11–18, longer on the Night of Black Lace

Themes of a Painting 2018 Atelier Art Mika Honkanen, Isoraastuvankatu 7. Oil, pastel and watercolour paintings, ink and coal drawings. Rauma-themed postcards. Old books for sale. Open daily 11-18. Enquiries and further information taiteilijahonkanen.com, instagram artmikahonkanen

Tuija Viitanen’s paintings Franciscus house, Harmaidenveljestenkuja 2. Tuija has held exhibitions during the Lace Week for over 30 years. The themes of the paintings include Old Rauma, sea, hills, flowers, etc. The exhibition space is in the Fransiscus house of the parish. Open Mon-Thu 10-18 and Fri 10-20.

Atelier Juusola – Näsi – Roos Savilankatu 10, courtyard. The atelier and exhibition space of three artists from Rauma, Hanna Juusola, Tuija Näsi and Maarit Roos. Open daily 10-20 or when the yellow flag is out.

Fascinated by Water – Atelier Salme Kauppi Kuninkaankatu 40. Watercolour and oil paintings. Open Sat 11–13, Tue–Thu 11–17, Night of Black Lace 11– late at night. Open on Sundays when the door is open. Further information kauppisalme@gmail.com, salmekauppi.fi.